Bedford Cheese

We are a small family run shop located in Brooklyn, NY. Opened in 2008 as a antique shop, economy changed and we turned to focusing on handmade and  awesome general store goods we loved, then we became more of a denim repair shop, demands continue to change and now we are happily in the Apron Biz.

We LOVE restaurants, we love collaborating on designs for other shops, we love making 100 aprons down to 1 single special apron for chefs, woodworkers, printmakers, home cooks, tattoo artists.

Honored to have our aprons at these Fine, Fine Establishments.

Let us make a apron for you!

Aita * Alameda * Brooklyn Brine * Bedford Cheese Shop * Cayler * Charlie Bird * Delaney Barbecue * The General Green * Goat Town * Gwynnett St * Kaufmann MercantileLe Gamin * Luksus *  Mess Hall * Primary * Quality Italian * Smith & Wollensky Talde * Tuffit * Town Hall *  Toby’s Estate Coffee  *

Victory 44 *



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